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Dear guest!


Thank you for your respectful interest. We would like to provide some general information about the year 2024 as follows.

Thank you for your respectful interest. We would like to provide some general information about the year 2024 as follows:

As is known, the owner of the campsite started development and reconstruction works after the last season. As part of this, the water block of the campsite, the tennis and mini-golf courts, the old water slide that has been unused for many years, several former warehouse buildings and several wooden houses were demolished.

The demolitions were carried out for the sake of long-term developments.

Hearing the voices of our regular guests and understanding their needs, the owner and management of the campsite decided to open in the 2024 season. At the request of many, the campsite will therefore be open this season as well. However, this season - given the current possibilities - will have slightly reduced services:

  • After the demolition of the water block in the campsite area, no new building was built, so this season we will be able to provide the opportunity for campers to wash in mobile water block containers.
  • In the 2024 season, we can no longer provide the entire area for tents and caravans, but according to our plans, we will try to provide new camping sites in the area vacated at the site of the demolished buildings.
  • Since we demolished several wooden houses, the number of bookable wooden houses also decreased.

Thanks to our guests' willingness to compromise and understanding, in order to compensate for the inconveniences, we have decided to provide our services at more favorable prices in 2024 compared to the prices in 2023 in several accommodation categories. There will be no price increase for any type of accommodation this year.

A significant part of our usual services will be available this year as well, and the popular animation sessions will not be left behind. We hope that you will all welcome this much-awaited news - in return, we ask for your understanding, as the hard work of our staff is needed until the first guests are received, so that the campsite can open its doors, and you can enjoy another holiday in your beloved campsite!

After the scheduled opening for the second half of May, we will be able to gradually introduce our services - we ask for your understanding, as after the demolition and reconstruction work, we need time to welcome our dear guests to the usual standard, to ensure their calm, quiet, usual rest.

Due to the changed situation, we will soon publish a new map of the campsite, which will greatly help the management of reservations.

Best regards,
Camping Team Vadvirag


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